Alcohol, which is the basis for the production of ouzo, is tested twice, upon delivery and before distillation. It is 100% pure ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin. The Varvayannis family gives it character and aroma by carefully choosing pure natural ingredients.

Anise, which is grown in the family’s estate in Lisvori, along with the aromatic herbs of the family recipe, plays a decisive role in the taste and character of ouzo. When it reaches its perfect state of maturity, it is harvested, bound in small bouquets and left to dry in the shadow, carefully in order to keep its green color. Then the fruit is carefully separated from the stem by hand on a sloping marble slab, in a process called in Greek “drimonisma”. The anise is carefully stored in sacks made of plant fibers.





The mixture of alcohol, anise and aromatic herbs is placed in special stills (cauldrons) where it is carefully distilled, with no sudden temperature rises or drops. From the first distillation the “heart” - the middle fraction is retained -, and then undergoes a second and a third distillation very slowly, with constant testing and controls. The distillation, taking place every day, is witnessed by a handful of workers and is led by family members. From the very first moment till the end, a member of the Varvayannis family has always been present at the production, imparting the experience in distillation for more than 160 years.


The famous, crystal-clear water of Plomari mountains is added to the final high degree distillate so to end up, following dilution, with the final alcoholic degrees of each Label: 42% for the Green Label, 46% for the Blue Label, 47% for the Evzon Label, 48% for the Aphrodite Label and 46% for the Collectible Label. Five unique distillates that carry the 160-year experience exclusively in ouzo distillation. All our products are 100% distilled, knowingly ignoring the competition, since the Varvayannis family remains faithful to the authentic quality of our national product.


The middle fraction, which is the perfect distillate of the last phase of the process, is stored in big inox tanks in order to rest and allow the recipe materials to come together and become a homogeneous mixture.