Visit the treasure of Plomari the Ouzo Varvayanni museum and learn everything about the 160-year tradition of the family in the production of ouzo. Today, in the picturesque settlement of Plomari, Lesvos, technology harmoniously co-exists with history and tradition. The Ouzo Liquor Museum was founded to express the love and passion the Varvayannis family has for the production of ouzo.

In the ouzo liquor museum visitors can see the original equipment used to bottle and label the famous Ouzo Varvayanni Blue, as well as the first alembic, constructed in 1858 in Constantinople, used for testing century-old secrets and techniques, and to compose the recipes of the Varvayannis family.

The Ouzo Liquor Museum respectfully embraces tradition and is the home of the secret of the quality and taste found in Greek Ouzo Varvayanni. The Varvayannis Ouzo Museum includes a visitor’s centre and a gift shop. Audio-Visual shows are conducted in English and Greek. Wine–tasting tours are provided.